12 September 2007

Ramadan Moubarak

A tout le monde, Ramadan Moubarak...sante, prosperite et paix dans le monde entier et pas d'exception. Arabe, Berber (Amazighi, if you like it better), Musulman, Juif...je ne sais quoi...je vous dis Bon Ramadan, bon karem wa mabrouk hada achahr.

06 September 2007

The smaller picture

For big dreams you always start with the small picture, and to change Morocco, we will have to start at a local level. Do not look just yet at the parliament, but vote and change things at your level once that is taken care of we will talk about the parliament. In fact at that point your claims should have reached the parliament and your government.

Start by cleaning your doorway…you clean your doorway, your neighbor can't help it but do the same and the next thing you know it is the whole neighborhood.