30 March 2006

Anti-proselytism law passed in Algeria.

Yep! In Algeria this week, the law was passed by the nations counsel. The later law stipulats that every incitement into converting to other religions but Islam will be punishable by a 2 to 5 years and a fine of 5.000 to 10.000 Euros will be the result.
Read the article (French).

I am not saying that this is a bad or a good thing, right or wrong; but I think that it should have been handled differently. Formulated this way some people might see it as an incitement to be an anti-anything but Islam.

I really don’t know, I am starting to think that the world is going nuts!

22 March 2006

What is hell?

A friend of mine is studying and gathering information to find out if Islam is a religion for her. She is really serious about converting, so she has all these questions about this and that; Very interesting questions!

Last week she asked me what my intake on wearing Al-hijab was. And just like I always say, I told her that as long as you purify your heart and deeds your appearance remains a plus and not an absolute necessity. Islam is a tolerant religion, in other words as long as you respect its 5 pillars, the others and yourself the complementing details are between God and you.

This is not the first time I am put in such position, where a dear person come to me with such questions or asking for clarifications about ‘MY’ religion. But is it really my religion? Now ask because, I have the feeling that it is not and that though I love it so much and I love everything about it, I am just perpetuating a tradition. Unlike my friend I haven’t studied Islam but inherited it and no matter what I do, I won’t have the same spiritual strength people who study it will gain.

I am Muslim myself I don't have answers to some of her questions. I just now put my finger on one of the things that are behind the issues and contradictions we suffer from in the Muslim world. It is not Islam we practice, we haven't--at least I know--I haven't studied the religion as deeply as my friend is now doing. I have inherited the religion but I have never taken time to build my own understanding of it is principles.

Here is a question for you, she asked me: What is hell?

20 March 2006

Mixed feelings

When i read the title “How I Learned to Love the Wall” of Irshad Manji’s contributions to New York Times, I said to myself oh! My god so there is a positive explanation to the separating wall in Palestine after all…I really wanted to believe that there was something good in it after all.
Irshad’s article did not appease my trust for positivism but it did deepen my humiliation, because to me there is nothing more humiliating than the image of an old person hopping (as young soldiers are standing watching and refusing to help) over the wall to go about their business.
I have learned as a child that your age earns you respect and special treatment no matter where you go, unfortunately that is no longer true…
Irshad, well written article but it lacks balance.

14 March 2006

May you find your way back!

I do not personally know Jill Caroll but according to those who have known her, she is a young woman full of life and curiosity; all she wanted was to make the world a better place for her and for those she loves.
Jill did not think twice about going to Iraq, because she did not want to take packaged news but rather experience it herself. She refused to believe that Muslims and Arabs are as barbaric as portrayed in the media, and chose to give us a chance to make our case. Unfortunately, some of us have not learnt how to show gratitude.
To Jill, I say thank you! For giving us a chance and I am sorry that my community did not give you the treatment you deserve. In fact that everybody deserves and especially, guests.

Bloggers Campaign for Jill Carroll

09 March 2006

What would you do?

What do you do when a friend needs your help? How do you respond to a desperate call?
I wish I could do something to make her feel better, and cheer her up but I don’t know what/how. I don’t know if I should tell jokes or just listen to her and affirm what she feels.
What do you do? When a friend is down, do you put his or her feelings aside and try to help her/him think about something else or do you listen and nod?

How would you handle it? H

08 March 2006

Today is our day,Girls!

Today is my day, your day. Today is The Day.

Happy Women’s day to all women and men in the world!

May god give us more strength to continue and get our throne back.

07 March 2006

No abortions in the State of Dakota!

L'Etat américain du Dakota du Sud interdit l'avortement

Le gouverneur du Dakota du Sud a signé, lundi 6 mars, l'avant-veille de la Journée internationale de la femme, une loi rendant illégale l'interruption volontaire de grossesse dans tous les cas, sauf quand la vie de la mère est en danger. This article published by Le Monde.FR in 07.03.06, adds that the state has actually forbidden the recourse to abortion even in rape cases and/or incest.

Ok! I don’t know if these people know what they are doing; I am a woman and I have the firm believe that it should be me and only ‘I’ who should be making this kind of decisions.

What right do they have to force me in keeping a child of someone who raped me? Who are they being fair to, here? Not to me obviously but not to the poor child either. Would you be capable of loving a being that will only remind you of the most degrading experience that a woman can go through?

And what? I don’t even have the right to emergency contraception?

Do they know how it feels looking at a hungry child, when you as a parent do not have the means to provide? Have they ever lived such experience? I don’t think so. Because if they did they would have understood that it is much easier to accept abortion than watch your child die before your eyes while you can’t do anything about it.

They have to realize that most of the homeless people on the streets of the United States today, are in fact the unfortunate result of the human beings lack of common sense; exactly what is happening in the state of Dakota.

I cherish life but not any life; I want my child to have a decent life. I and only I can make the decision of how and when I want to be a mother, for I am the only one who knows how capable I am to take care of another being. And unless the government is willing to provide for my unborn child, I think that they should leave it to our consideration. And In case they are afraid that they could be punished for not stopping such non-religious act (so they say), I assure them that God almighty can and will punish the sinners.


02 March 2006


That is exactly what i hear in my head right now. I do not why but i can not think of anything constructive, i think that is the effect of all the negativeness in the world today.
Anywhere you face, all you haear all you see are wars, battles and destruction. No i am not trying to convey anything. I am just sharing with you in a hope that it will help purge and get better.
What is it with us? I just came back from lunch with two of my colleagues. And it went very well, i did not feel treatened by any of them; though none of the two is Muslim. It was avery nice 1/2 hour, i enjoyed talking them.

And as one of them said while we were eating, look at us we so different, yet we are here together. I respect your belief and backgroung and you the same and we don't have to force any of our ideas on each other, this very nice! She added.

Well; wouldn't be nice for a change we do the same. Forcing Islam on others is not the solution but rather our destruction and the end of our beautiful peacful religion.

You know! You; yes you! If you are really trying to convince people that Islam is the right path, just give the right example: be nice to your neighbor (no matter where she/he is from), smile and don't judge people.

I am no better than you, but i am trying to give the best i can of my self and thus of my beautiful religion.

01 March 2006

She left...Foulla left!

Well, I just wanted to dedicate this post to Foulla my E-Friend.

All the best to you and to your family, and I am sure we’ll see you on the blogsphere very soon.

Good luck!