28 August 2007

My dignity depends on your vote

Seems I was not clear … I do blame people (myself too) for what is not working in Morocco.
Looks like, with the upcoming elections, we are going back to our old habits again… the government did not do this, the government did not do that, why would I vote? My voice did not make a difference last time I voted, it won't change anything today. Tell you what, yes it will not change anything, for the simplest reason that you did not vote last time and you are denying yourself that right once again.
I just wanted to share with you- and you can quote me on this, NEITHER THE GOVERNMENT, NOR THE KING WILL CHANGE ANYTHING, we have to claim the change! We Moroccans have to start thinking and acting as citizens. Kick your representatives' butts, make them work … show them that you are no longer a subject but "un citoyens Marocains comme il se doit".
For a long time, we let ourselves be misled; the administration is the servant and not us. Remind the clerk who is giving you an attitude "au service des mines," that he/she was hired to serve you and that if it were not for you she/he would be still waiting at the temps agency… that will hopefully remind them who they are.
Don't give away your voice, VOTE. That is the only way for us to reclaim our BEAUTIFUL country.

16 August 2007

Did not know it was going to be this hard

I am not sure why I am writing this, I am usually very private … I guess I am just fed up, can't take it anymore. Can't live with a man … no, no. How can I or how can any woman do that? Lord, they really are from a different planet; you can talk your heart out. You would still get nothing out of them.
I know, I know … why can't it be my mistake? I have issues, maybe. But how can I know if "my significant other" refuses to talk about it, communicate with me, tell me what is going on in his head, tell me what bothers him, or even that I bother him … anything for God's sake, but just communicate.
I am supposed to be in bed now, but I can't. I juts can't sleep, can't live like this, can't live knowing that I have something unresolved sitting there.

Have any suggestions for this lost soul? I am in the dark here, sailing blind