28 December 2005


Mon dieu! je vous promets que j’ai fais de mon mieux j’ai essaye. Mais ce n’est pas facile, tous ces nouveaux trucs.
Hier j’ai essaye d’insérer cette photo avec ces hommes sur la charrette et sans plaisanter ça m’a pris plus de trois heures L.

Pour mon profile image, je ne vous dis pas je n'arrive tjs pas a le faire!

Get away From me

I want you to look very closely to this photo and especially to the old man on the left. I don't know if you can see it but, his eyes his look, tired yet a very happy look.

That is what i have been looking for, i want to take all this politcal and ideological Cr..,excuse my french, they have loaded my -our- heads with and run away.

You know that i have hard doing 'la grace matinee' during the weekends. I will tell you why, but don't laugh! when 7:00 am comes my self starts bugging me to wake up,How?

So it is 7:00Am i look at the time and i say, ok i will go back to sleep for an hour or two. But then a crazy debat starts between me and myself, and it usually goes like this:

Me:ok i still have time

My endoctrine self: time for what? that is just a waste of time, get up you have a lot to do.

Me: Come on i have been working the whole week and this is the only time i get to rest.

My Self: Listen you will all the time to sleep when you're dead, so get up now and deal with what you have to do.

Me : I don't feel like arguing, i get up and leave the house wondering around trying to find something to do.

Crazy right? I will fix it! They won't win.

22 December 2005

Maghreb Arabe mon Amour!

Who said that we have problems in the Maghreb? Who said that Tunisians, Moroccans and Algerians don’t get along?

I have just launched my blog, not even a week ago and it is overwhelming. I have received two nice encouraging notes from Oumelkheir and Adib.

So I just want to know where this myth about the “Maghreb Arabe” not getting along, come from?

Call me crazy, but i accuse our leaders in trying to put wrong assumptions about our neighbors in our heads, as we do just fine when left alone.

19 December 2005

My first steps.....

It literally took me about two months to make up my mind about creating this blog.

Why now? I guess, I have gotten a little jealous after I read some of my compatriots blogs and how they are up and doing things for the Maghreb while I am sitting here waiting for it to happen while I know that it is unfortunately not the way it works in our countries.

So I hope it is not late but I would like to thank all of those who’d pushed me to finally take the step forward.

To all of you who are contributing to the Maghreb blog, thank you