28 August 2006

Human nature

I hate dealing with people…you do not know what hurts them and what pleases them.
I do not know myself that well, so how am I supposed to know the other.

What don't they just hand you an instruction guide? I meet someone or even your relatives and friends and they tell you…here, this is a guide to my personality, the dos and don'ts. Won't it be easier?

I just hate it, you end up having to deal with a misunderstanding while you do not have time.

15 August 2006

Is it really over?

I do not know why I am still hesitant in writing something about the ceasefire between Hezbollah and the Israeli's…maybe it is because I do not believe in it. I will wait few more days!

08 August 2006

Jouer a l'Autruche.

Avant de faire le tour des blogs ce matin je ne vous cacherais pas que mon morale était a moins zéro a cause de ce qui se passé au Liban mais surtout a cause de mon incapacité, ma lâcheté…maintenant ça va mieux, non..non, pas mieux par apport au Liban mais plutôt par apport a moi-même, et ma lâcheté.

Quelques posts qui m'ont touche:

SI J ETAIS......du citoyen Hmida

To Lebanon With Love de Foulla.

Et j'ai aussi aimé la sincérité de la Marocaine au caire

02 August 2006

One more day, does it still matter?

Is it the 20th day? Or does it really matter, people are dying, and that is what should matter.
Some wrote saying that they feel useless. Well, at least we have the right to say such things as being useless, but how about The UN…yes the great UN that is suppose to bring the peace back to the regions that are in need of it. How about this organization that is watching with a great Indignation (so they say) Lebanon being decimated, children killed…

And we are still watching, do we still care?