06 November 2007

Passivité, passivité quand tu nous prends

Do you know what I am talking about? Have you ever been left behind by your own existence, put aside a as spectator?
That is what is happening to me these days, not sure why or how…when. I am no longer in control of my life, I see it unfold before me and I am just numb. I do not react to things and events that are happening. I am just sailing along…
Have you ever felt that way?

12 September 2007

Ramadan Moubarak

A tout le monde, Ramadan Moubarak...sante, prosperite et paix dans le monde entier et pas d'exception. Arabe, Berber (Amazighi, if you like it better), Musulman, Juif...je ne sais quoi...je vous dis Bon Ramadan, bon karem wa mabrouk hada achahr.

06 September 2007

The smaller picture

For big dreams you always start with the small picture, and to change Morocco, we will have to start at a local level. Do not look just yet at the parliament, but vote and change things at your level once that is taken care of we will talk about the parliament. In fact at that point your claims should have reached the parliament and your government.

Start by cleaning your doorway…you clean your doorway, your neighbor can't help it but do the same and the next thing you know it is the whole neighborhood.

28 August 2007

My dignity depends on your vote

Seems I was not clear … I do blame people (myself too) for what is not working in Morocco.
Looks like, with the upcoming elections, we are going back to our old habits again… the government did not do this, the government did not do that, why would I vote? My voice did not make a difference last time I voted, it won't change anything today. Tell you what, yes it will not change anything, for the simplest reason that you did not vote last time and you are denying yourself that right once again.
I just wanted to share with you- and you can quote me on this, NEITHER THE GOVERNMENT, NOR THE KING WILL CHANGE ANYTHING, we have to claim the change! We Moroccans have to start thinking and acting as citizens. Kick your representatives' butts, make them work … show them that you are no longer a subject but "un citoyens Marocains comme il se doit".
For a long time, we let ourselves be misled; the administration is the servant and not us. Remind the clerk who is giving you an attitude "au service des mines," that he/she was hired to serve you and that if it were not for you she/he would be still waiting at the temps agency… that will hopefully remind them who they are.
Don't give away your voice, VOTE. That is the only way for us to reclaim our BEAUTIFUL country.

16 August 2007

Did not know it was going to be this hard

I am not sure why I am writing this, I am usually very private … I guess I am just fed up, can't take it anymore. Can't live with a man … no, no. How can I or how can any woman do that? Lord, they really are from a different planet; you can talk your heart out. You would still get nothing out of them.
I know, I know … why can't it be my mistake? I have issues, maybe. But how can I know if "my significant other" refuses to talk about it, communicate with me, tell me what is going on in his head, tell me what bothers him, or even that I bother him … anything for God's sake, but just communicate.
I am supposed to be in bed now, but I can't. I juts can't sleep, can't live like this, can't live knowing that I have something unresolved sitting there.

Have any suggestions for this lost soul? I am in the dark here, sailing blind

18 April 2007

Des vertes et des pas mûres

I am not sure where to start. I am out of words; nothing would be enough to describe my confusion and how sad I am.
Most of my compatriots seem to think that, the attacks that befell on Algeria and Morocco are due to poverty, repression and lack of education. I am not sure what to think, to be honest.
Like Jihane said, if it were poverty then we would have had people blowing themselves a long time ago. And if it is due to the lack of education or oppression, then—I agree with Larbi, the whole African continent would be doing the same thing.

I guess what I am trying to say here, is that once again we are trying to find someone/something to blame. Our societies are manipulated, not really important to know who is behind this carnage. But it is primordial to do something about it.

Moroccans, Algerians, Tunisians and god knows who else…the fingers are pointed at you now. No, no way out. We have to act, speak up. Do something please! We are tolerant/open societies and ought to change the course of things. I hate for my country to be on the axe of evil list.

It does not matter if you think that their acts are somehow justified –although, it shocks me that some people do think this way—what is important now, is to unite behind a unified front against this plague. Speak to condemn but please keep your mouth shot if you feel that you are going to say something that could be used as justification or excuse these acts.

Condemnation is what is of order now. No explanations or analysis is needed.

Criez l'horreur, ne restez pas indifférents. Il est temps de réclamer nos pays et surtout notre religion.

23 March 2007

Whatever that is, God is there!

Not really sure what I want to write about today. There is something that is bothering me but I am not sure what?

I have learned, not very long ago, that life is precious and most importantly, very short! So whenever I get into this state, I try to focus on things that I have in my life and for which I ought to thank God for. I try to remember every little thing that I have and that others do not. The first things I can think of now, is that 1) I am alive, 2) live in peace (as opposed to war, poverty and ...) and one very important thing I have people I can count on and god has never let me down.
Maybe silly, but it really helps me. The only problem is that sometimes, just like this time, I can't recreate that feeling of fulfillment or rather satisfaction. That is the key to moving along and leaving this depressive state. I have to find the right spot where I can be in peace with myself and with my environment.

May you never be in this state ever, I hate it passionately :)

17 February 2007

Have some morrocanity in you

I was reading one of those Middle East report analysis about Morocco yesterday. The piece reviewed the years of the king Hassan II, and assesses the changes that occurred or are occurring now that his son is in power. Although very interesting, I am not sure if it is fair to blame everything that is not working in Morocco on the ruler.

Hassan II made mistakes, nobody can deny that. Mohammed VI maybe the savior, he is trying to heal Morocco from those "makhzanian" years, can't say! But what are we Moroccans doing? Waiting for the sky to open and send opportunities our way? I am not sure about the rest of the Moroccans but I believe that nothing is going to change In Morocco unless we Moroccans, the citizens change.

Living abroad, teaches you so many things and reveals so many things about you and about where you come from. And one of the unfortunate things that I have come to realize is that, we Moroccans hate our country. And no matter how much we are given, our country won't go anywhere. Why? Simple, we are selfish, opportunistic, narrow minded and we lack vision. We only shoot for the immediate result, never for the long and common benefit.

Go to Morocco, and walk down the streets of Casablanca, we have not been educated to respect our country or to love it. I look at Tunisians for instance, and I envy them. They love their country and they're willing to sacrifice their own liberties for the greater good of Tunisia. Nobody is perfect I know, but why don't we at least have the decency, at least for once, to blame ourselves for what is not working in Morocco. To try to make it right, work towards the benefit of the country that has given so much and quit pointing fingers.

Our rulers are but what we allow them to be. If they are despotic then we only have ourselves to blame. Our administration is gangrenous, but we can’t amputate it. We can heal it however; by applying certain principles…we need to be civilized to build a civilized environment.

11 January 2007

The five things you do not know about me

Foullati, one of the very well respected Moroccan bloggers --Ahm, i am very special!-- Tagged some bloggers and she wants them to say five things about them that she, or/and others might not know about them. Although I do not know if there is anything else that you do not know about me? Wa Foullati you know all about me…except I guess.

1-I feel uncomfortable talking about myself, I do not know why but it feels to me as if I were bragging about myself.
2-I have a heart of a fly, in a sense that I can not handle emotional situations very well and can easily cry for the most trivial things-very annoying I admit, but it is very efficient in keeping my husband alert -. Can you imagine, I cry for a cartoons…I cried so much for Sally the little girl in the orphanage, for Majed the football player and I almost lost for the movie "champion"
3-I love hiking even though I have never done it  weird right? That is my nickname by the way, weird.
4-I hate to be told that I can't do this or that because I am a woman, --Oh, help me god, because I will kill whomever say that—And I will do it no matter how difficult it is, and thank god I have always succeeded.
5-I love god very, very much. I am not very religious nor am I perfect but hey I am trying, you know weak mind ;(

And one more thing just like you, i still believe that love exists, that dreams come true and that god is great.

I have just realised after having spoken to you that there something else...I hate it when I can not cheer a friend up.

03 January 2007

Can we get tired of those we love?

It is a question that is really bodering me. Can you get tired of the person, country...anything you love?
Do you feel that you need a break from your own family, wife, husband, mother or community? Let me know...

Anyway, i did that test that Le Baroude has on his blog. I am :

Your results:
You are Robin
Green Lantern
Wonder Woman
Iron Man
The Flash
Young and acrobatic.
You don't mind stepping aside
to give someone else glory.

02 January 2007

Happy New Year!

I have been away for a while, but it is a new year, a new beginning if you will. I will do my best to keep my blog up to date and running. That is one of my resolutions for this New Year, which I hope will bring all of you happiness, prosperity and stability.