05 January 2006

Conference of European Women Theologians

I came across this article about women taking a role in what is commonly called al-Ijtihad. Though I kind of understand why we women are not allowed to lead the prayer and i also understand why we get less than men while inheriting, I have never understood why we are not allowed or at least given the chance to play a role in interpreting certain things in our religion not only because they concern us but mostly because they require n effective knowledge of women nature as well as way of thinking. If our religion is suppose to adapt to societies and time it should adapt to human nature and give women a chance to do more than only discuss daily rituals.


adib said...

je crois qu'en europe il 'ya eu es femmes imams cette année!
bon cette question demande une reflexion génerles des théologues du monde islamique associés a des femmes théologues!
pourquoi le pape n'est pas une femme??

soumiaz said...

Bonjour Adib,

Elle et ou exactement? j'aimerais en savoir plus.
Et crois-tu qu'il serait possible d'ouvrir la discussion sur le maghreb blog net? J'aimerais bien avoir vos avis sur ce sujet.



Anonymous said...


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