10 February 2006

I don't know...?

I have been up since 3:25 AM this morning, i don't know exactly why but i feel very sad. I have all this things runing across my head about people dying everywhere accross the globe, about the cheap comments which have been posted about the e-debat that Foulla and i have tried to conduct.

I have all the respect for everybody's opinion when it is a constructive opinion, but it sadens me to see that we still enjoy putting each other down. I don't know if you disagree with what i say state your point of you but don't judge me, don't hurt me!

Why is this the way it is? i really i am sad and i am afraid there not much we can do to change this world, if people instead of giving you a positive feedback to help you understand they try to discourage.

But i tell you what i am who i am and i am convinced that what i do is the right thing, and i am also convinced that what you think is right is inevitably right, so why do you care what i say. God is your only judge, refer to him and as long as you are not hurting others (All faiths included) with your doings, go on keep on moving.


Foulla said...

U go girl!!!
keep up the good work,and let start another e-debat....

Behrooz said...

I am sorry to see you so sad. But it is how the world goes. It is really sad.

Behrooz said...

Hey did you know you can go to comments part and let your commnets be published right away? I just thought you may not have done it on purpose.