28 August 2006

Human nature

I hate dealing with people…you do not know what hurts them and what pleases them.
I do not know myself that well, so how am I supposed to know the other.

What don't they just hand you an instruction guide? I meet someone or even your relatives and friends and they tell you…here, this is a guide to my personality, the dos and don'ts. Won't it be easier?

I just hate it, you end up having to deal with a misunderstanding while you do not have time.


Foulla said...

hey ,what's going on?

soumiaz said...

Well, you know!! It is getting into my head, and i want out.

Anonymous said...

Are you and Aries?

soumiaz said...

Hey Anonymous--No i am not, why?

Anonymous said...

OMG, it is like reading whay i feel daily....scary too much in common with your blog. I just write mine in a book(journal) and never share it with anyone.
cheers to you

soumiaz said...

@ anonymous, cheers to you !