11 January 2007

The five things you do not know about me

Foullati, one of the very well respected Moroccan bloggers --Ahm, i am very special!-- Tagged some bloggers and she wants them to say five things about them that she, or/and others might not know about them. Although I do not know if there is anything else that you do not know about me? Wa Foullati you know all about me…except I guess.

1-I feel uncomfortable talking about myself, I do not know why but it feels to me as if I were bragging about myself.
2-I have a heart of a fly, in a sense that I can not handle emotional situations very well and can easily cry for the most trivial things-very annoying I admit, but it is very efficient in keeping my husband alert -. Can you imagine, I cry for a cartoons…I cried so much for Sally the little girl in the orphanage, for Majed the football player and I almost lost for the movie "champion"
3-I love hiking even though I have never done it  weird right? That is my nickname by the way, weird.
4-I hate to be told that I can't do this or that because I am a woman, --Oh, help me god, because I will kill whomever say that—And I will do it no matter how difficult it is, and thank god I have always succeeded.
5-I love god very, very much. I am not very religious nor am I perfect but hey I am trying, you know weak mind ;(

And one more thing just like you, i still believe that love exists, that dreams come true and that god is great.

I have just realised after having spoken to you that there something else...I hate it when I can not cheer a friend up.


Foulla said...

oooh!!isn't she lovely;)
The number one was obvious to me, and the reason is also very obvious:u're a sensitive ,humble ,altruist young lady..
U know what , Icried too for sally especially when "chirira" took her doll (sigh);((

for the rest :U GO GIRL!
Big boussa and thank you for playing;)

soumiaz said...

Foullati, I can't help it anymore _Snif, snif__ I LOVE YOU!!

Big boussa!

SimplyMoroccan said...
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soumiaz said...

Hey Simplymoroccan! I guess so.

ahmedzown said...

hey there,
U have really have stuff u dont like and may be other dont know about'em,
some dont know what they dislike and what others dont know about'em,

Gud luck,
I'm a Moroccan too :)

soumiaz said...

Hey Ahemed, it comes with time. You will know what you do not like eventually.

;) Soumiaz

American babacool said...

I will be sure to always let you cheer me up from now on.