23 March 2007

Whatever that is, God is there!

Not really sure what I want to write about today. There is something that is bothering me but I am not sure what?

I have learned, not very long ago, that life is precious and most importantly, very short! So whenever I get into this state, I try to focus on things that I have in my life and for which I ought to thank God for. I try to remember every little thing that I have and that others do not. The first things I can think of now, is that 1) I am alive, 2) live in peace (as opposed to war, poverty and ...) and one very important thing I have people I can count on and god has never let me down.
Maybe silly, but it really helps me. The only problem is that sometimes, just like this time, I can't recreate that feeling of fulfillment or rather satisfaction. That is the key to moving along and leaving this depressive state. I have to find the right spot where I can be in peace with myself and with my environment.

May you never be in this state ever, I hate it passionately :)


Anonymous said...

Dear friend,
At present, I lived far from this small pearl which illuminates my life: my girl Doha.
But, she has never left me. She is always in my heart there. In this host country in thousands of Km of the most beautiful country of the world (made intolerable by those who govern it) the smile, its glance and its photo carry me the heat which will comfort my heart.

Yes, I am happy. Every day I find in me enough energy to guard my smile indeed for the warmth. I often say to myself that the happiness which perfumes my life is a happiness which I deserve and which I have no right to open my heart to the other things that the love.

Who taught me this lesson of life? They are the children.
I decided to dedicate my life to serve the children and their to offer moments of enjoyment. And So far, I share every smile of a child.
My account is very well fed.
Forgive my English.
Here is my site: www.menara.ma/enfants
Kind regards,

Chère amie,
Actuellement, je vis loin de cette petite perle qui illumine ma vie : ma petite fille Doha.
Mais, elle ne m’a jamais quitté. Elle est là toujours dans mon cœur. Dans ce pays d’accueil à des milliers de Km du plus beau pays du monde (rendu invivable par ceux qui le gouvernent) son sourire, son regard et sa photo me portent la chaleur qui réconfortera mon cœur.

Oui, je suis heureux. Chaque jour je trouve en moi assez d’énergie pour garder mon sourire bien au chaud. Je me dis souvent que le bonheur qui parfume ma vie est un bonheur que je mérite et que je n’ai pas le droit d’ouvrir mon cœur à autres choses que l’amour.

Qui m’a appris cette leçon de vie ? Ce sont les enfants.
J’ai décidé de consacrer ma vie pour servir les enfants et leurs offrir des moments de joie. Et Jusqu’à maintenant, je partage chaque sourire d’un enfant mon compte est très bien alimenté.

Voici mon site : www.menara.ma/enfants
Pardonnez mon anglais.


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