16 August 2007

Did not know it was going to be this hard

I am not sure why I am writing this, I am usually very private … I guess I am just fed up, can't take it anymore. Can't live with a man … no, no. How can I or how can any woman do that? Lord, they really are from a different planet; you can talk your heart out. You would still get nothing out of them.
I know, I know … why can't it be my mistake? I have issues, maybe. But how can I know if "my significant other" refuses to talk about it, communicate with me, tell me what is going on in his head, tell me what bothers him, or even that I bother him … anything for God's sake, but just communicate.
I am supposed to be in bed now, but I can't. I juts can't sleep, can't live like this, can't live knowing that I have something unresolved sitting there.

Have any suggestions for this lost soul? I am in the dark here, sailing blind


5estrellas.over-blog.fr said...

It is really hard! You know when you say that men come from another planet you re quite right but let me tell you that also men think the same about women and both are true. It is a good thing because you’ve known this truth. It’s a great mistake to believe that men and woman are similar. The fact is that woman and man are oppositely deferent. This will be acceptable when we consider that everyone among them is made for a deferent word though they are almost the same being. Please! Read my post “à consumer avant la date prescrite” otherwise it will surly help you if you could find this book:”pourquoi les hommes n’écoutent jamais rien et les femmes ne savant pas lire les cartes routière” written by alan and barbara pease. Hold on tight!

zifa said...

are you suffering cos of men? i know we are always shalow silly babies..
hehe...sometimes we can become cute funny poor "sniff sniff " creatures...you should try to see that side...

Anonymous said...

communication is key to all. dont give up. it will only be his lost. Im sure you are a very descent and smart person but sometimes two different people. different backgrounds cant make it happen and that is just facts of life

soumiaz said...

@Zifa & anonymous. Thank you huys for the support:)

Chocolat Egbel said...

hey, my pleasure. i just rearead some of you 2006 work. you are an amazing person and your writting skills are out of this world. i can relate to a lotof your issues, specially when it comes to people and what happened to qanaa in our generation.
Im going thru the same thing. Nothing this day is cheering me up. I dont want to even deal with people anymore, everyone is fake.no ones take s the time to actually listen and just be there.
tu sais quoi , la vie continues. we are still here etc.......
there is so much BS that anyone can tell you to try to cheer you up, wont work coz it has to be from within. the qanna question commes back...
I signed up as anonymous last time, to recognize me from now on i will be Chocolat Egbel...lol

Chocolat Egbel said...


je te dedies cette super chanson. be careful it will make you cry....

soumiaz said...

Chocolat Egbel, ca me rappelle mon enfance. Bonjour Chocolat Egabel, ravie de faire ta connaissance. Je suis aussi heureuse de constater qu'il y en a d'autres qui veulent que les choses changent. Il aut que tu te fasses un blog, ca serait bien….
Merci encore une fois pour ta dédicace.

Chocolat Egbel said...

Since, it has been a really quiet day at work. I busied myself in creating a blog. Why not?? the credits goes to you. Thx.


Lalla Mira said...

Men are from Mars, women are from Venus. We are bond to live with it. What I can suggest though is that you have girlfriends. It's really important to have girls by your side when you are feeling down.
I had a story that had this as a moral, but can't find it right now. It was about an old woman who gave her daughter this advice, of never breaking up with her girlfriends, unlike what some girls do once they are married.

Anonymous said...

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