03 May 2006

What does the Moroccan government want?

Accused of defamation, Le Journal hebdomadaire an « independent » Moroccan newspaper has been condemned into paying almost $340.000. This is not the first time a newspaper is prosecuted like this, just last week three others endured the same treatment and they could thus close, according to this article on Liberation.fr
What is the message here, I really don’t get it. Do they or do they not want us Moroccan to evolve?


Behrooz said...

It is clever. Insead of closing them as they do in Iran they just make them do it with their own choice!!

soumiaz said...

I do not know if we can call that a choice, they're forced. They don't have that money to stay in business.

Faisal said...

I think that was behrooz's point. The choice is: write about this stuff, and you get fined and go out of business or shut up about it and continue.

It's despicable!