26 May 2006

Strangly true

Strangly true!

I am usually very skeptical, but sometimes things are so clear that you have to believe.

This is not the first time it happened to me. It is dawn and I am not really asleep but not completely up either and then ...I saw something or someone.

for a moment there, I really taught I was talking to him until I heard his voice asking whom I was talking to.

So as I said, I am not really up and I feel pushed down by some weird and strange force and then I see my husband. It was just his head, you know like a projection and I could see through it, and he started telling me something. He was telling me something but unfortunately my fear would not let me discern.

I t was scary my husband was next to me asking me whom I was talking while his own head was trying to tell me something. Maybe he has something to tell me, but he is afraid I might not take very well.

I don't know, it is just weird! Last time I had this experience it was my grandma who came to visit, She sat next to me on my bed and we talked. Her voice was very appeasing, could be my weird brain?


Reda said...

U should stop drugs. :)

soumiaz said...

But i can't! I am so adicted now.;)

Foulla said...

j'en apprends des choses..hmmmmm

soumiaz said...

Well, i am really sorry you had to learn it this way.


Foulla said...

i love u anyways;)