19 July 2006

A race to rule the world

It is definitely true that: if a burgler breaks in and threatens my life and my family's lives I would not hesitate to save my life and theirs at any cost. (Behrooz)

I would do whatever it takes to protect my people; however it is not a burglar we are dealing with here. A burglar I would either get arrested or else, but I will find a way of getting a rid of him. But we are not dealing with a human being, it is a campaign to set the new order.

The Muslim and Arabs are dealing with a campaign aiming at tarnishing their reputation and their integrity…they want us gone dead. And I tell you what- I won't give them this satisfaction…if they attack me to provoke me and show the world that I am the bad guy , then no, I won't do it.

I want to prove to the world that Islam is a civilized religion. They need to know that it is not the religion but rather some of the followers who did not grasp the real meaning of this beautiful, peaceful belief.

I am not fond of Hezbollah or any other radical group for that matter…but one thing I liked about their reaction to the Israeli retaliation, is how they have avoided as much as they could (and until the world saw the atrocities and the Israeli barbaric attacks—BBC world has reported this morning that Hezbollah has killed 20 people while Israel killed 200 most them Civilians…and that alone proves that the world is now realizing that something is not quite right) committing the atrocities Israel has committed.

Hezbollah acknowledges, as it should have, the fact that their target and enemy is the system and not the civilians. By doing what they did, Hezbollah proved to the world that Muslims and Arabs are not barbaric as they were lead to believe.

And when I blame Iran, or rather the Iranian president, I blame a person who should have known better than throwing words that he knew would hurt his people. In diplomacy things work differently, we live in 21 century and states and head of states are bound in dealing with things, problems and enemies with some tact.

And as for Palestinian cause, I think that the world in its entirety should give a bit of its own peace and wealth to solve that issue and not one country or another.

Syria on the other hand is another problem…I will just say that it is unfair to let others pay the price for you.

Jews or Christians are not any different it is just people who talk on our behalf who sometimes make us look different.

And the end we are all human, and we all want to live in peace see our kids grow. Our leaders are pulling us towards goals that are not ours, and for a change we should do our best to turn the game around and have them serve our own goals.


Anonymous said...

Jewish protest

A small number of Jewish Israelis who are against military action in Lebanon are also struggling to make their voices heard.

On Sunday, about 500 people joined an anti-war protest through central Tel Aviv and more demonstrations are set to take place next week.

In the 1930s and 40s, Uri Avery was a member of the Irgun, a militant Jewish group that carried out attacks on British forces in its campaign to found the state of Israel.

Now Avery, also a former Israeli commando, is a peace activist who is a leading a member of Gush Shalom, a group that campaigns for an end to the Israeli occupation of Palestinian land.

"We want to explain to Israelis what is wrong about the operation in Lebanon," Avery said.

"This whole crisis is rooted in the Palestinian problem. Hezbollah would not have made these attacks if Israel was not bombing Gaza."

Avery believes that despite an uphill struggle against Israeli public opinion, groups such as Gush Shalom can have an influence.

"The longer this war goes on, the less it will be supported," he said.

Foulla said...

I like this post, very much!!

soumiaz said...

Foulla-I like it when you like my posts ;)it makes me proud of myself!

Anonymous--I thank you very much...it is good to know that Israelis are doing their best as well to end the struggle.

Anonymous said...

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