17 July 2006

Let Lebanon heal


I have been away from my blog for a while now; not that nothing was happening, but rather because nothing has moved me as much as the bombing of Lebanon did.
I am lacking words to describe how I feel. Pictures of children lying dead on the streets, civilians running around trying to save what is left (if any is…).

But what angers me the most is that the country has not recovered yet from the years of war it went through. Lebanese people are still coping with memories from the civil war.

Yes Hezbollah provoked Israel. But Hezbollah is not the children not the innocent. Get Hezbollah, nobody wants them around anyway.

The world has been silent for a long time and it needs to stand up now and resolve the issues that are burning the Middle Eastern region down.

It is not fair for a country (Lebanon) to pay the price for Hezbollah arrogance, Iran's stubbornness and Palestinians cause.

maybe i do not know what i am talking about, maybe i am unaware of the reality of things. Everything is possibel, but one is however true no matter what: Peace is not an exclusive right but a universal right, Israel deserves it as much as the rest of the world. Reciprocity is the key.


Foulla said...

i only agree when u say "Lebanese people are still coping with memories from the civil war."..for the rest,,well..maybe i, too, "am unaware of the reality of things"..
waiting for your call!!

Behrooz said...

If you just delete this post you would be of more help to justice.

Or, this post shows how Media can work on people's minds in distorting the truth and giving the wrong address. Please think twice before posting.

soumiaz said...

Foulla--we all are politics is a dirty game...for the rest i think that we all deserve to live in peace jews or whatever ...

Behrooz--why do you want me to delete this post, is there something you do not like about it?
This is an opinion you are welcome to desagree with it...however i would love to know what is about it that you did not like. We are different and that is the greatest part of god's creation.

I do not care who is who and what is what. One thing is true to me is that everybody deserves to live in peace: Muslims, jews and else...

I do not like to waste my time and energy in hatered...life is more than that.

do not see this as justification to what i posted, that is how i feel...so do the same, maybe that would enlighten me. You see things differently?

See the problem Behrooz, is that instead of discussing and sharing point of views,we attack eachother for nothing thinking alike. Arahmatou fi al ikhtilaf (Mercy is in our differences)

Behrooz said...

Soumiaz, what I did was also giving my opinion. And if you look back you will see it is my comment which is emotional and angery or possibly yours. There is really no need to get angery, dear.

If you don't "care who is who and what is what", you will go nowhere. You just let out some fury. To give an opinion publically is so different from just having some thoughts and feelings inside you.

Did I say I dislike Peace?
Did I say I like hatred?

I try not to do the same; I try to see everything in relation to other things. Well, I don't like killing people, but if a burgler breaks in and threatens my life and my family's lives I would not hesitate to save my life and theirs at any cost.

Some questions: All the past months and years have you been thinking about the fogetten Lebanese and Palestinian prisoners who have been kidnapped?
Have you been wondering how the world treated a democratically elected goverment in Palestine?
Have you ever pondered on how innocent peole were targeted day and night by Isreali missles?
Is this the very same peace you like?

Apparenet peace with injustice will never pervail.

Behrooz said...

I just saw these two:
Israeli children having fun writing things on the bombs to be soon fired towards Lebanan.



soumiaz said...

Behrooz—I am not angry at all -to the contrary- I just don't like it when there is no constructive exchange and discussions. Please read my post... (A race to rule the world)

And i saw the photos yesterday and i felt very bad...it is very sad that parents put such burden on their kids, teaching them to hate at such early age...it is just sick

soumiaz said...

Behrooz--Sorry i did not repond to oyur questions.
No i do not forget anything about what is going on, prisonners, Iraq war...no nothing. I chose to deal with it differently, it is just going to take me longer (i have to admit.

Would you agree with me if i say that god works in a mysterious ways, and that when times come this will all be behind us...so why not just work towards that goal, take the path that god has already laid forth of us.

We were all created for a reason and with a message to deliver, i found mine and maybe yours is different.

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