24 April 2015

Lost in my thoughts and the selfishness of the other

I have been away for a while now. I guess, life takes you places and makes you do things in the name of responsibility, love? Well, maybe.
See, you grow up thinking a lot ... making plans. Dreaming... I am not trying to say that it is all wrong, at all.
It is good to dream. Love, money...nothing will satisfy your thirst for accomplishment, other than reaching your dream.
Nobody can guaranty anything,and maybe you will have the Alchemist's luck,and your Treasure will be a desert full of sand; the journey however will be worth while. Just like the Alchemist, you will feel a satisfaction dep
I always say that one does not really know oneself until faced with adversity.
Tears are brushing my cheeks as I try to to put words onto my thoughts...no, no i am not sad but in extreme confusion.

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