28 December 2005

Get away From me

I want you to look very closely to this photo and especially to the old man on the left. I don't know if you can see it but, his eyes his look, tired yet a very happy look.

That is what i have been looking for, i want to take all this politcal and ideological Cr..,excuse my french, they have loaded my -our- heads with and run away.

You know that i have hard doing 'la grace matinee' during the weekends. I will tell you why, but don't laugh! when 7:00 am comes my self starts bugging me to wake up,How?

So it is 7:00Am i look at the time and i say, ok i will go back to sleep for an hour or two. But then a crazy debat starts between me and myself, and it usually goes like this:

Me:ok i still have time

My endoctrine self: time for what? that is just a waste of time, get up you have a lot to do.

Me: Come on i have been working the whole week and this is the only time i get to rest.

My Self: Listen you will all the time to sleep when you're dead, so get up now and deal with what you have to do.

Me : I don't feel like arguing, i get up and leave the house wondering around trying to find something to do.

Crazy right? I will fix it! They won't win.

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