22 December 2005

Maghreb Arabe mon Amour!

Who said that we have problems in the Maghreb? Who said that Tunisians, Moroccans and Algerians don’t get along?

I have just launched my blog, not even a week ago and it is overwhelming. I have received two nice encouraging notes from Oumelkheir and Adib.

So I just want to know where this myth about the “Maghreb Arabe” not getting along, come from?

Call me crazy, but i accuse our leaders in trying to put wrong assumptions about our neighbors in our heads, as we do just fine when left alone.


adib said...

salut soumaya!
je suis tout a fait d'accord avec toi:):)
pour ouvrir tes commentaire il suffi d'aller sur les options de commentaires ur blogger et choisir ouvrir a tous:)

Hannibal said...

Hi Soumaya: Congratulations on your new blog and welcome in the world of blogosphere! Wish you the best of luck.

Foulla said...

hey,great to have u around;)
good luck!

zied said...

Welcome to the blogging world. What you said is so true, we get along just fine. Anyway, keep blogging and I'll keep reading :)

Anonymous said...

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Thumbs up, and keep it going!

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