19 December 2005

My first steps.....

It literally took me about two months to make up my mind about creating this blog.

Why now? I guess, I have gotten a little jealous after I read some of my compatriots blogs and how they are up and doing things for the Maghreb while I am sitting here waiting for it to happen while I know that it is unfortunately not the way it works in our countries.

So I hope it is not late but I would like to thank all of those who’d pushed me to finally take the step forward.

To all of you who are contributing to the Maghreb blog, thank you


Oumelkheir said...

Soumiaz il n'est jamais trop tard pour faire les choses, bon courage.

soumiaz said...

Merci Oumelkheir! Je promets de faire mon mieux.

adib said...

salut soumiaz merci pour tes commentaires sur magheblog et j'espère qu'un jour tu fera partie de notre équipe!
on sera tous deriere toi et on te souhaite la bienvenue dans la blogosphere maghrébine!
commence par ouvrir tes commentaire à tous le monde!
bonne chance

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