14 March 2006

May you find your way back!

I do not personally know Jill Caroll but according to those who have known her, she is a young woman full of life and curiosity; all she wanted was to make the world a better place for her and for those she loves.
Jill did not think twice about going to Iraq, because she did not want to take packaged news but rather experience it herself. She refused to believe that Muslims and Arabs are as barbaric as portrayed in the media, and chose to give us a chance to make our case. Unfortunately, some of us have not learnt how to show gratitude.
To Jill, I say thank you! For giving us a chance and I am sorry that my community did not give you the treatment you deserve. In fact that everybody deserves and especially, guests.

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Ronymaru. said...


Behrooz said...

I have nothing against Jill Carroll or anybody else who is either doing a humanitarian job or is a correspondent. But I find it really unfair to say 'my community did not give you the treatment you deserved'. How can you generalise it to 'a whole community'? Then what about thousands of Iraqis who certainly deserve a better life not as guests but as the owners of the land and the country? What kind of selective sympathy is this? Did any body campaigned for the thousands of Iraqis who were bombarded or massacred in Faluja? Well it is so good to have a campaign for any single human being who is at risk of losing his or her life whether a known journalist or an innocent civilan in the remotest areas in Iraq or in Darfur or in North Korea. Let's see things in a bigger picture.

soumiaz said...

Behrooz--I am not defending/accusing anybody here. I am just stating the truth, for I am whether I like it or not accused as much as they are for what is happening. It is my community and I can't separate myself from them, I will be a ‘damned’ Muslim for everybody and I won’t complain about it. But I will fight for what I love, and that is my religion and my community’s reputation.
What is going on in Iraq is not pleasing, but I can only speak of what I see and what I feel and that is why I chose to post this about Jill, for it is something I strongly feel about. And as far as the United States & Co is concerned I leave their judgment to a better judge than myself. God will take care of it!

Once again, I really appreciate your feedback.

Behrooz said...

It's perfectly all right, Soumiaz; I just wish there could be as many campaigns for the innocent Iraqis who are butchered day after day in Iraq and have no media to support them. I think the Americans have enough money and media to afford sufficient campaigns. I don't see any balance here. Or am I wrong?

Foulla said...

thank you ..

soumiaz said...

Behrooz—have you ever heard of the expression- give up some to gain more? I really understand where you are coming from and I respect that. I am not indifferent to the thousand people that are dying in Iraq, not only that are they “my community” but also human being. I have just chosen to bend over and take some slaps on the face rather than just complain and condemn.

I have learned through my humble experience that the best public leverage in a battle against those who have more, is to try getting the same audience used against you to think. I have to convince this audience that something is not right about the message they receiving from adversary, create a distortion that will make them think. Think about it Behrooz! If I devote a post to condemn the killing in Iraq and the United States irresponsible behavior, would it make any difference; better yet would it get me the attention I need to stop the advancement of this anti-Arab/Muslim trolly? Well I will certainly have some traffic but not the attention I am looking for.

I don’t want my contribution to be just another complaint that will be unnoticed. I do not the readers to say, well another Arab complaining again and pass by as if I did not matter.
No I want my post to make them think…I want them to realize that there is something untrue about the picture they see on their screen and on the front pages of news papers.

Behrooz—I thought you agreed that we should as Muslims do something to change the minds and hearts of those who hates us just because they were told so? Or because they have deduced from the media that we were the villains, my post is meant to counter what the world is trying to make of us. I certainly I am not saying that my way is the way to go, but I believe in its effectiveness for I have experienced it.
The time might prove me wrong but until then I will do my best to find the best way to turn heads.

Signed a proud Arab-Muslim

So what do you think?

Foulla-- Thank you!!

Behrooz said...

Dear Soumiaz: I have no doubt in your enthusiams to promote Islam and improve its image. You think your way works and you think you are doing the right thing. So, that's it. As to me, I just gave my opinion, that's all.

soumiaz said...

And i do appreciate that!-- but you know your comment is not just opinion but an eye opener. I am making the same mistake that others are making. I am taking the stand for everybody and without their consent.
I still however think that something has to be done...

Foulla said...

i like the way u see things,Soumiaz..i used to always say,well i have nothing to prove and nothing to justify..i still say so, but i learned from your comment to Behrooz that i also can help change the image some are having about Islam and Arabs, if i reach the right audience..
i think you're doing a great job !!so thank you again!

soumiaz said...

Still learning Foulla and doing my best in finding the best way to achieve my goal...

Thank you!!