20 March 2006

Mixed feelings

When i read the title “How I Learned to Love the Wall” of Irshad Manji’s contributions to New York Times, I said to myself oh! My god so there is a positive explanation to the separating wall in Palestine after all…I really wanted to believe that there was something good in it after all.
Irshad’s article did not appease my trust for positivism but it did deepen my humiliation, because to me there is nothing more humiliating than the image of an old person hopping (as young soldiers are standing watching and refusing to help) over the wall to go about their business.
I have learned as a child that your age earns you respect and special treatment no matter where you go, unfortunately that is no longer true…
Irshad, well written article but it lacks balance.


Foulla said...

hmmm,,i need to read it.

soumiaz said...

and let me know!

Foulla said...

She's not even close to convince me of the "likability" of THE WALL!!!

no matter what are the reasons that "helped" her love the wall, it stays a tool of discrimination..a raciste wall that I condemn .

soumiaz said...

reading her article, did nothing but accentuate that certitude. That wall is not protecting anyhting neither anybody...

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