02 March 2006


That is exactly what i hear in my head right now. I do not why but i can not think of anything constructive, i think that is the effect of all the negativeness in the world today.
Anywhere you face, all you haear all you see are wars, battles and destruction. No i am not trying to convey anything. I am just sharing with you in a hope that it will help purge and get better.
What is it with us? I just came back from lunch with two of my colleagues. And it went very well, i did not feel treatened by any of them; though none of the two is Muslim. It was avery nice 1/2 hour, i enjoyed talking them.

And as one of them said while we were eating, look at us we so different, yet we are here together. I respect your belief and backgroung and you the same and we don't have to force any of our ideas on each other, this very nice! She added.

Well; wouldn't be nice for a change we do the same. Forcing Islam on others is not the solution but rather our destruction and the end of our beautiful peacful religion.

You know! You; yes you! If you are really trying to convince people that Islam is the right path, just give the right example: be nice to your neighbor (no matter where she/he is from), smile and don't judge people.

I am no better than you, but i am trying to give the best i can of my self and thus of my beautiful religion.


makdom said...

Yes you cannot force people to believe what you believe, but you can inform them what is right and what is wrong with regards to your faith in Islam. They have the choice to believe you or not but all the same they will respect you for your belief.

soumiaz said...

Hi Makdom,
Exactly my point! If you see the good example in you they will eventually love the path you're on.

I hope they understand that we can show them the beauty of Islam by only living our lives the way Mohamed -PBH- had showed us to do.

Behrooz said...

you passion is admirable.

Behrooz said...

Just checking to see if have changed your commneting setting.

soumiaz said...

I did it!! Thank you Behzooz